Kingdom provides superior tax accountant services from an experienced CPA. More details about these tax services are seen below.

Personal Taxes & Business Tax Preparation

While the majority of the tax returns we prepare are for the predominately wealthy individuals, we try to price our services to be affordable for the typical taxpaper, one that might use turbo-tax just to save money. The old adage, penny-wise pound foolish remains very true when it comes to tax preparation; saving $150 on tax prep but paying a $1000 too much in taxes isn't really saving money. For status of your income tax refund, please visit website. For status of your IL state refund, please visit website.


Trust & Estate Tax Preparation

Estates and trusts is a specialized complex area of tax work so looking for an experienced accountant is of high priority. Mistakes can cost thousands of dollars and Kingdom's tax accountant years of experience minimizes the tax consequences they produce. You want as much of a person's lifetime wealth going to their heirs as possible and Kingdom has the expertise to get it there. Contact us for more details about these services.