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Why The Name Kingdom?
January 29, 2020
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Kingdom had a case this past year when a young professional, making a hefty six-figure salary, encountered a tax situation unfamiliar to him and brought in his return for us to prepare. When we asked to see his prior return, which he prepared with TurboTax, we noticed that he entered a corrected 1099 and managed to duplicate most of the original figures that he previously entered on the original 1099. He hadn’t noticed and we were able to get him thousands of dollars back by amending his return. Trying to save a few hundred dollars in tax prep might actually cost you thousands. It almost did for him.

Most people can change the wiper blades on their car, but if they need a new transmission, almost everyone would be foolish to try doing it themselves. The same is true for taxes. If you fall into this category and have questions relating to tax software, please contact Kingdom today.