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February 3, 2024
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Employee Spotlight - Karen Frese

Karen Frese is an office manager for Kingdom Accounting & Tax. For our current tax season we feature her as our employee spotlight and ask her some questions about working for Kingdom and life outside the business. 

What is different about working at Kingdom Accounting than your past positions?

Kingdom is awesome to work for, everyone is kind, respectful and helpful. It is refreshing to be in an office where everyone is appreciated and supported.

What do you like best about working at Kingdom over the past 12 years now?

I love the way clients are treated! The older person who does not get out much, the person who lost a spouse or parent, or someone just having a dreadful day. Each one is treated with respect, compassion and never rushed or dismissed.

Tax season can be very stressful, how do you always manage to keep so calm and in good spirits during the busy season?

The office atmosphere is pretty calm and relaxed. Tax season is stressful, but it's handled with humor and confidence, and we all work together to get it done. I actually think we enjoy the challenge.

You been semi-retired for a few years now. How have you been enjoying your free time away from the office?

I spend most of the summer in Presque Isle, WI. I love to kayak and we fish, walk, read books, and just enjoy the lake life.

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