Kingdom's Covid Compassion

Have you experienced loss at the hands of Covid during the pandemic? While we can't replace a loved one or a friend, we can match your financial distress. If your income has declined by 20% or more in 2022, we'll match that declining percentage in our tax preparation charge. Thus, if your earnings dropped by 30% because you got laid off in 2022, we will reduce our regular tax prep charge by 30%. An example, if our regular charge to prepare your return would have been $250, you'll be charged 70% of that or $175. Contact Kingdom if you have any questions.

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20/20 Client Referral

Refer a friend or family member to Kingdom this tax season and receive 20% off your 2022 tax preparation and 20% off the tax preparation of the person referred. Everyone will be clearly seeing their way to great savings. Contact Kingdom with any questions regarding this special offer.

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National Chain Customers

If you are paying high fees for low-experienced workers, then Kingdom might be the choice for you. We offer great quality in our work from an experienced tax return preparer.

New Tax Offer! If you used one of the big 3 chains or any CPA firm, Kingdom will prepare this year's tax return for 20% off the price you paid last year. (Returns must be similar)

Tax Software Users

Tax software can be difficult and time consuming to figure out. Also, tax software also won't catch all the different scenarios that a CPA can, so it is possible to be paying more tax than you have to. If you believe you fall into this category, contact Kingdom today for a special offer and to schedule an appointment.

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