Why The Name Kingdom?

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January 25, 2020
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February 7, 2021
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You might be curious as to why the little office building on 169 E. Butterfield Road that resembles a traditional brick home suddenly has a distinctive moniker. Up until Rick Stvan bought the company in 2012, it had always been an accounting and tax service in that same place with the same name and owner. When he fully assumed control of the company in 2013, he had a different vision than what most business owners do. He desired for his business to uphold the same ideals as himself. Simply put, that is being a Christian CPA.

Family, church, bible study fellowship, and leading a Christian life have taken up the majority of Rick's life. He lives his life for Christ and takes his faith seriously. So why not bring his identity and what he stands for with him to work? Because of this, Kingdom Accounting and Tax was given a new name. He merely wants to carry out accurate, moral cpa preparer work that prioritizes solid client relationships. Also, he wants the company to be a welcoming, nonjudgmental environment where the relationship can go beyond strictly business.

Kingdom welcomes clients of all faiths, and everyone is given the respect and decency they deserve. So to speak, it represents the Kingdom brand, which places a strong emphasis on relationships and business from a Christian perspective. Christians love everyone, even those who detest them, so keep that in mind! Come visit Kingdom Accounting and Tax for all your tax preparation needs. If you want to learn more about our christian cpa tax preparation and accounting firm or make an appointment this tax season, please don't hesitate to contact us!